The Top End Weeds Quiz

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Like most of Australia the Top End of the Northern Territory is facing the significant problem of invasive weeds.

Such weeds out compete native plants and disrupt fragile eco-systems as well as reducing food supplies and habitat for fauna such as marsupials and bird species.   Many weed species create fire hazards which provide significant fire loads that damage native bushland and threaten human settlements.  Aquatic weed species block water ways and impact upon fresh water species, esturies and water quality.

While Australia now takes bio-security very seriously, the current situation was created by human activity by importing 'exotic' species for a variety of (often misguided) reasons.  As we learn more about the detrimental impact weeds have on Australia's unique and fragile eco-systems, we are finding it increasingly difficult to contain and control weeds through the actions of governmental agencies.  The problem is reaching a stage where everyone is required to contribute and take responsibility for their land and what grows on it. 

And while you may want to take action, we know from experience you also require knowledge and resources to take action.

So, we thought we'd ask the question: "do you really know your weeds?"

Take the quiz and find out...

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