Acacia Plectocarpa

Scientific Name: 

Acacia Plectocarpa

Description: Slender moderate-sized tree 4-8m high with erect foliage and light crown; branchlets acutely angular.  Bark rough, grey, fibrous to fissured.

Flowers: bright yellow in dense cylindrical spikes 4-6cm long, in clusters of 1-5 in leaf axils, or forming elongated leafy panicles in upper leaf axils. 

Fruit: Longitudinally wrinkled, narrow, sticky slightly woody pods, 4-8cm x 0.7 1.1cm constricted between seeds, shiny yellowish-brown when ripe, containing black seeds arranged in zig zag fashion.   

Flowering: May - August

Fruiting: (July) August - October