Purple-winged Mantis

Scientific Name: 

Tenodera australasiae

First sighted: 

In savanna grassland, 11/04/13

According to OzAnimals.com: The Purple-winged Mantis is a large mantis (100mm) with a long narrow body. The wings are purple or dark brown with green margins. The head and body are light brown, and the eyes are green. The thorax is long and the forelegs are spiny like other mantis species. They are well camouflaged which helps them avoid predators and ambush prey. They often hunt amongst shrubs or tall grasses where they hang from their hind pairs of legs and pounce on passing prey with their spiny forelegs. Both males and females are winged and can fly.
This female is laying her eggs in an ootheca. 

Purple-winged Mantis