Darwin Whiner

Scientific Name: 

Macrotristria doddi

This distinctive cicada is a unique species and incredibly loud, calling at around 50db.

You can tell the Whiner apart from Darwin's other cicada, the Corroboree, because one or two individuals can be heard calling to each other making a loud crackling series of phrases followed by a long drone and repeated. Singing may occur at any time of the day and typically also occurs at dusk. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts. I believe the photo and audio are of a male.

Restricted to the Top End of the Northern Territory where it is known from Darwin, Howard Springs and Berry Springs. Populations display sporadic emergence times from year to, with adults being present between November and February.

Habitat: Tropical bushland, monsoon thickets, parks and gardens.

With thanks to Dr Pop for this info (http://dr-pop.net/doddi-063.htm).

Darwin Whiner
Darwin Whiner
Darwin Whiner

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