Corroboree Cicada / Green Whizzer

Scientific Name: 

Macrotristria intersecta

First sighted: 

On the ground on the verandah

According to '': Range and season: From the Kimberleys in north-west Western Australia, through the top half of the Northern Territory and into Queensland, where it occurs from the Torres Strait islands and Cape York south to Mt. Isa in the west and the Dawson Highway in the east. Adults are present from September to February.
Colour variants: Varies widely in colour from green to almost reddish orange.
Habits: This species prefers dry open forest, but will occur on the edges of rainforest in some areas. Populations are usually large and cover expansive areas of habitat. Upper branches of trees are favoured as calling sights.
Song: An especially piercing and loud whine, which closely resembles that of M. dorsalis and M. kulungura, but is harsher in tone.

Green Whizzer
Green Whizzer

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